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Citroen Survolt VS Agni Z2 Electric Motorcycle [Video] Citroen Survolt VS Agni Z2 Electric Motorcycle, Who is the Winner?
This electric vehicle fighting at Thruxton Race Circuit at friendly race held. The electric supercar, Citroen Survolt versus the electric superbike Agni Z2, both is electric vehicle that powered with battery. Both of electric vehicle is driven by woman, Vanina Ickx, the Le Mans / Touring Car racer in Citroen Survolt while Jenny Tinmouth, the fastest woman around the Isle of Man TT, in Agni Z2.
Citroen Survolt is powered with twin electric motors with carbon fibre bodied and tubular chasis, This car can produce up to 300 horsepower, from 0 to 100 km/h can reach under 5 seconds, while the top speed is 260 km/h. The power for the engine is supplied by twin 31kw lithium ion batteries that provide power up to an estimated range of 200 km.
The Agni Z2 electric superbike that can run from 0 to 100 km/h just in 3.5 seconds is powered with eighty small battery packs that produce 65 horsepower or 50 kW, the top speed can reach 209 km/h.
“Not a sound from machine to make this race become interesting. Normally, you will know where your opponent is by listening the engine sound. But with all electric vehicles become more quiet,” said Vanina. “I really enjoyed the race, and glad to be part of this unique race,” she said.

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