Selasa, 27 Mei 2014

What is education?

Lagi dipetik dari FB........Apa itu pendidikan ka pelajaran ka.....mana2 la....x reti omputeh sgt...hehehhee. Pas ni korang translate sendiri ler.....

"Education is a dialogue between teacher and students, student and student, academy and the world. We focus on qualitative measures of meaning, purpose, relationship, art, thought, and belief. We value person and life as who we are, not what we do. Our goal is to shape the way we think, looking beyond the superficial gains of power and influence to see consequences and effects on the meaning of being human. Education acts as a check and balance system to political and corporate greed and corruption. Education strives for greater equality as it measures success by ideas and expression rather than method and production. It fosters intelligent leadership through critical thinking. It demands self-reflection as a motivation to evaluate and change, and offers a spectrum of knowledge that becomes a laser of invention and creativity. "

"Education is about responsibility, picking courses and professors that help you, and engaging the world in a dialogue about how we can achieve the highest expressions of what it means to be human. If you failed to realize that and if you failed to take advantage of what was right in front of you, that is not the fault or failing of higher education. If you wanted an education that promised a job, you should have gone to trade school."

Ramai yg belajar tinggi utk dapat keja. Tp kenapa ramai yg jd bilionair tp sekolah sekerat ja....Mungkin ayat2 diatas boleh menjelaskan apa sebenarnya objektif pendidikan, bukan menjamin pekerjaan tp menjadikan kita manusia. Macam kata ustaz Abdullah (ibu bapa dia) berjaya mendidik dia menjadi doktor tp gagal menjadikan dia manusia.....lagu  mana tu??????......lebih kurang macam tu la....kalu tersilap minta maaf...boleh rujuk mana video ustaz AK yg berkaitan Hari Guru.

Khutbah oleh Ustaz AK berkaitan Hari Guru

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